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Are we as one humanity poised at a crossroad?

World is changing...many harbingers are in sight...aspirational changes of the young in Gen Z and sharing economy and flow creation business more social equity, fair sustainable world, and wellbeing and good living. Democratisation of technology and access to capital are enablers.

Isn’t it time to act and create comprehensive views for transformation?

The book analyses deeper issues of sustainability of nature and life.

It treads historical golden ages of humanity, conundrums of human nature, world economic order and changing trends to arrive at a view of enlightened societies of sustainable future world.

It looks into the possibilities of lifestyle pattern and consumption pattern changes from material and energy rich lifestyles to lifestyles where consumption of wellness, education, entertainment, media...can be sought.

It is experimenting with concepts of human as ‘Energy Beings’, invoking virtuous cycles, and creating social resonance for paving the path.

The book is a journey to find answers for us to steer a path of true modernity preserving our nature and life in immensity with beauty and fun.


Following holistic Indian thoughts systems, and Socrates view, ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’, Keenly observing geo politics, economics and technology, pervading thought systems, innate cultural elements, and transformations of societies and the world, Seeks prognoses for a sustainable world, and beyond to high culture living.

Born to a middle-class family in the southern Indian state of Kerala nick named as ‘The God’s Own Country’, Michael grew up imbibing the fierce grandeur of nature, diverse and yet cohesive cultural values of multicultural India, and the harmony of a civil society.

Travelling to Japan for education and work towards the end of 1980s and thereafter to UK, US and Asian countries opened avenues of several cultural spectrums, versatility of human nature, and the economics and technology driven transformation of societies.

An engineer, technology professional, and management and strategy consultant, ..., worked in global corporations, in industry domains of financial services, automotive and manufacturing, and IT. Work experience from Nissan Japan, Honda India, iGate Japan, AXA Life Insurance Japan, Hitachi, Nomura Research Institute. Education from Calicut University India, Gifu University Japan, London School of Economics and Political Science London.